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  • 20 Nov 2017 3:54 PM | The Alano Club (Administrator)
    The Alano Club has announced the kickoff of a new "Burn the Mortgage" fundraising campaign.  The second of the Club's strategic goals, paying off the $68,000 mortgage balance, will allow the Club to fully implement the rest of its strategic goals.  The 5-item strategic goals are, in part, to restore the kitchen and back half of building and to provide greater fellowship opportunities by providing more meals to members, visitors and meeting participants.  

    The Club also plans to aggressively reach out to those who are still outside suffering from their alcohol and/or drug addition and bring them into the Alano Club Ohana in an effort to help them achieve and maintain their sobriety.

    Please give generously to our Burn the Mortgage campaign so that we may help all of those who can benefit from the 25 12-step meetings, meals and fellowship that the Alano Club provides.

    Mahalo for your support!

  • 01 Nov 2017 3:49 PM | The Alano Club (Administrator)

    The Alano Club Board of Directors is pleased to announce that one of its 2017/2018 strategic goals has been achieved.  Thanks to the generosity of Alano Club members, visitors and meeting participants, the Club has reached its fundraising goal to restore the back portion of the Alano Club.

    The Alano Club is waiting for construction drawings.  Once received, the project will go out for bid.  

    The Club anticipates that it will be two to three months before actual construction begins.  Once the new kitchen and back of building remodeling is complete, the Club anticipates  that it will be able to provide better fellowship opportunities with an expanded kitchen and meal offerings.  Stay tuned!

  • 06 Apr 2016 5:49 PM | The Alano Club (Administrator)

    More Alano Club Members are using this website's online membership dues payment/PayPal system.  It is easy, fast and convenient!

    Members can also check their membership status and renewal date information.and pay their dues on-line.  

    To access your membership page, you must log-in to the website.  If you do have not yet established a pass-word, click "Forgot Password" on log-in page and the system will direct you how to obtain your new password.

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