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The Club will re-open on Monday, June 1, 2020. Some groups have not yet resumed.  Therefore, please access the "Meetings" tab for the current schedule.  And, please note that face masks are required.

Operational Change Due to COVID-19

17 Mar 2020 5:24 PM | The Alano Club (Administrator)

At the Alano Club of Lahaina, we hope that you and your families are well during this unprecedented time in our history.  Based on recent guidance by the Centers for Disease Control and practices being implemented here, other parts of the county and throughout the world, we believe it prudent to adjust operations at the Club to ensure that we are doing our part to help promote social distancing, which is intended to help lessen exposure to the coronavirus (COVID‑19).


Effective immediately, the main meeting room will be closed including bathrooms and the kitchen.  The gates will remain open if 12‑steps groups choose to continue to meet; however, meetings will be restricted to outdoor seating on the property only.  There will be no coffee or refreshments available during this time.  This is subject to change as the situation develops.


As members of the recovery community ourselves, we encourage everyone to take advantage of hotlines and on-line meetings; and stay in close contact with fellow members. 


Below are some of the resources available:


·         Suicide Prevention Hotline:                                                   800-273-8255       

·         Ke Hale A Ke Ola (Homeless Resources, Lahaina):             808-856-1178       

·         Maui Food Bank (Food Assistance):                                     808-243-9500

·         Aloha House (Addiction Treatment):                                    808-579-8414

·         AA Central Office, Maui:                                                      808-244-9673       

·         NA Maui Helpline:                                                                 808-214-1239

·         Alanon Maui:                                                                          808-242-0296

·         Adult Children of Alcoholics:                                                310-534-1815

·         Eating Disorders Anonymous (EDA):                          No telephone number available.  EDA Website:


Thank you for your support, and let’s all try to do our part to stay safe.



Board of Directors, President


Alano Club of Lahaina
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